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MD Slots Referendum Today!

Posted by jkarmel on June 2, 2010

[Originally published on November 4, 2008]

OK — today’s the big day: 14 years of debate culminating in a vote for legalized gaming in Maryland. Both sides have been active over the weekend, but the clear edge must go to the pro- side with signs everywhere, numerous commercials, a compelling budgetary argument and favorable recent polling (even if the gross revenue numbers are somewhat speculative).

Yet, in conversations with friends, colleagues, students and others, there are clearly still many concerns over bringing VLTs to Maryland via this referendum- both from a pro-gaming and anti-gaming perspective. Plus, there’s lots of political baggage left over from the long process in Maryland. Here’s a prediction: 55% for vs. 45% against for the final vote. But this is really just a step in the beginning of the process for Maryland gaming, regardless of what happens today. Much more to come in future postings…

(FYI — I’ve been invited to discuss the referendum on a Baltimore news channel tonight, somewhere between 9 & 9:30PM, webcast here: WMAR ch. 2 Baltimore. – jk)

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